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04:30 PM Generic Search Feature #1306 (Neu): Reimplement XML chunker
* initially implemented for mediawiki xml
* missing features with regards to recursive elements, header replication ...


02:50 PM Generic Search Feature #1301 (Erledigt): _id based on UUID only generated when needed -> fix
This is actually good behavior: why create an id if not required per model


03:28 PM Generic Search Feature #1305 (Neu): Implement header replication for hierarchical partial elements
10:31 AM Generic Search Fehler #1304 (Neu): Test and fix issues on Briefrepertorium
Lieber Tobias,
bei den Goethedaten (Briefrepertorium) habe ich einen neuen Datensatz erhalten.
Bei den neuen Date...
10:30 AM Generic Search Feature #1303 (Neu): Refactor indexing service
10:29 AM Generic Search Unterstützung #1302 (Neu): Test all four EAD sources available
10:29 AM Generic Search Feature #1301 (Erledigt): _id based on UUID only generated when needed -> fix
other elements could serve as id as well -> implement hashing e.g. on title element
10:28 AM Generic Search Fehler #1300 (Neu): EAD offline crawling is not possible
chunker with issues on hierarchical sources?
10:25 AM Generic Search Feature #1299 (Neu): Finalize EAD use-case
10:24 AM Generic Search Feature #1298 (Neu): Handle image download failures
* handle and put errors to resource
* delete downloaded html -> log enough to debug
* unset image id in resource

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